BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool
BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool
BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool
BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool
BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool
BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool

BarxBuddy - Ultrasonic Dog Training Tool

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BarxBuddy Stop
the Barking!

Train Away Bad Behavior Quickly and
Easily With BarxBuddy

  • Barx Buddy puts a stop to:
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Fighting
  • And more

Is your dog’s bad behavior out of hand? Tried everything to train them and getting no results?

It’s time you try BarxBuddy, the fast and effective way to train your dog. BarxBuddy uses harmless ultrasonic sound to grab your dog’s attention and calm them down quickly. Whether your dog is barking, jumping, chewing, or digging, BarxBuddy puts a stop to problem behaviors, fast.

BarxBuddy Stops Unwanted Behaviours like…

Excessive barking




Fighting with other dogs

Destructive chewing

When your dog misbehaves, point BarxBuddy towards them and press the “On” button. The device emits a high-pitched ultrasonic tone only dogs can hear.

Your dog will instantly drop what they’re doing to focus on the tone.

Once they’re calm, release the button to stop the sound. Reward your dog’s good behavior with praise or treats!

BarxBuddy isn’t just for training…

If you have strange dogs in your neighborhood and want extra peace of mind, BarxBuddy helps deter aggressive animals from getting close.

  • Easy to Use
  • Simply point BarxBuddy towards your dog and press “On” to stop unwanted behaviors instantly
  • Versatile
  • BarxBuddy comes with 2 strength settings: Setting I for training your pet, and Setting II for deterring aggressive dogs
  • Convenient Size
  • BarxBuddy fits it your pocket, so you can take it with you wherever you go
  • Lights for Extra Effect
  • BarxBuddy’s ultrasonic technology is harmless to dogs, humans, and all animals
  • 100% Safe and Humane
  • Dual LEDs and red laser pointer help calm even the most stubborn dogs

Here’s What Customers Are Saying
About BarxBuddy

Jennifer B

We purchased Barxbuddy 2 weeks ago and from the first day it has been a Godsend, they stopped barking at everything like loud noises to the mailman stopping in front of the house, we have stopped yelling and they are quiet and my home is more at peace. Love this product and I recommend it to anyone with an out of control dog who barks when they shouldn't. Thank you!!!!

Kathleen D

Started working from home during the COVID-19 crisis and couldn't get through a single conference call without my 3 year old Labrador barking at everything. He was obsessed with the mail carrier and I was afraid he'd break a window trying to get to her. One week after using Barxbuddy, he's starting to calm down. I'm going to try it with other issues as it's the only thing I've found that gets his attention back to me.

Joyce R

I bought the Barxbuddy as I had run out of ideas on how to keep my recently adopted rescue dog to keep quiet while riding in the car. I began to think we would not be able to take him with us. It was so bad. We tried the Barxbuddy two times with the lowest setting and he quit and settled down in the car and rode along quietly looking out the window. It was unbelievable the difference. Now we can just point it at him and he responds. We are looking forward to road trips with him . Thank You So Much!

Outstanding Value For
Dog Owners

Obedience schools cost up to $600 per week, while “boot camp” training can go as high as $1,250 weekly.

Why not save yourself the frustration and expense?

With BarxBuddy, you can train away bad behavior quickly and easily, at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone else.


BarxBuddy normally retails for $80 USD… but to get the word out and help as many dog owners as possible, we’re running a special half-off promotion for the next 14 days only.

Order today, and you can get BarxBuddy for just $39.95 – an instant savings of 50%.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Wondering if BarxBuddy is for you? Don’t worry, it’s 100% risk-free to try BarxBuddy today.

If you’re not completely thrilled with the device for any reason, just send it back to us within 30 days and we’ll refund the entire purchase price or replace your BarxBuddy, free of charge.* It’s that easy!

*Minus shipping charges

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