Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More
Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More
Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More
Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More
Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More
Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More

Barx BusyBall - Smart Pet Toy - For Dogs, Cats and More

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Bob L. – Wheat Ridge, CO

I thought my cocker spaniel was too old to play with toys until I received a busy ball as a present. As soon as my dog sees it, she instantly perks up.

Alleviates Separation Anxiety

The ball acts as a “companion” for your furry best friend when you’re not around, and keeps him/her occupied and entertained on-demand.

Randomized Motion Never Gets Boring

Every roll and bounce is completely unique and unpredictable to always keep your dog guessing on its next move.

Helps Tire Out Any Dog

Just like playing fetch or tug-of-war, the Barx Busy Ball helps your dog to get most (if not all!) of his energy out after just a few minutes of play. Say goodbye to the after-dinner “zoomies”… this ball will have your dog ready for bed in no time!

Extremely Durable!

The ball is made of durable nontoxic and food-grade plastic that’s completely free of harmful chemicals and designed to withstand endless hours of chewing without tearing or cracking.

It’s Safe and Bite-Resistant

So many toys out there fall apart after just a few days. The Barx BusyBall is constructed to resist even the toughest dog’s bite. Plus, it’s 100% non-toxic and safe!

It Moves Automatically

The Barx BusyBall contains a 360° self-rotating motor and flashing lights to capture your pet’s attention. Turn it on before you leave and present it to your pet, then let the games begin!

No apps or controls are required -
simply turn it on once and it’s ready for play!

What Our Customers Are saying
About the Brax busy ball

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say.

over 30,000 5 star reviews!

“I can’t get down on the floor to play with my dog as much as I would like on account of my bad leg. So having the Barx BusyBall has been a great help for the both of us. My little Sadie absolutely loves it.”

Allison J. – Phoenix, AZ

“You haven’t seen anything as cute as a litter of puppies chasing a Barx BusyBall around. I’m as charmed by it as the dogs are. It keeps them very busy.”

Terry N. – Hamburg, NY

“My Jack Russel loves to play fetch outside, but when he’s stuck indoors, the Barx BusyBall is his favorite! I can’t believe how well it has lasted. Thanks.”

Stanley U. – Mobile, AL

“Very durable and a lot better quality than I was expecting. It holds up well to all the abuse it takes. It seems to hold its charge all day long which is helpful. He really does play with it when I’m away. I know because it’s never in the same spot where I leave it.”

Dell E. – Vancouver, BC

“My Border Collie Dexter would every whine and become upset every time I left for work. I would come home to discover my shoes and furniture all chewed up. I tried the Barx BusyBall out of desperation. I was surprised at how effective it turned out to be. Now it’s his favorite toy. He always brings it up to me when he’s ready to play.”

Michael T.

“It used to break my heart to hear my little dog’s frantic howling whenever I had to leave the house. Thanks to the Barx BusyBall, she’s got a little friend to get her through the day. I’ve seen her play with it. It’s great for tiring her out.”

Stanley U. – Mobile, AL

With the Barx Busy Ball, your pup will be both happier AND healthier!

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