Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles
Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles
Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles
Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles
Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles
Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles
Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles

Mindinsole - Magnetic Reflexology Shoe Insoles

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If you have spent an entire day standing on your feet or walking around, you know that after a while, fatigue sets in. You may experience severe foot pain and discomfort and feel a strong need to sit down and put your feet up. In fact, foot pain can put a damper on your plans by taking the fun out of being on your feet.

So, if you are having these types of problems and you’re searching for some relief, look no further because MindInsole is the answer you have been looking for!To order MindInsole today, click the Add To Cart button below to get started. Remember, all orders come with free shipping, an ironclad, money-back guarantee.

What is MindInsole?

MindInsole is a removable insole that uses cutting-edge technology to provide comfort for your feet. It has massage points and special magnets that offer real relief to people who suffer from chronic or situational foot pain.

MindInsole is scientifically designed with 400 massage points for each foot. It has:

  • 12 large acupoints for the arch of your foot
  •  120 medium acupoints for general massage and soothing 
  •  270 micro acupoints to help improve circulation to your feet 
  • 5 cooling magnets that provide a series of gentle, electromagnetic waves to stimulate your feet 

Specifically, the technology in MindInsole is meant to relieve foot pain and general body pain.

Who is MindInsole Designed to Help?

MindInsole is designed to help anybody who needs to be on their feet a lot or who experiences foot pain. MindInsole can help provide the following things:

  • ​Provide relief from foot pain and overall body pain
  • Deliver cool, soothing relief to your feet
  • Boost endurance for athletes and non-athletes alike
  • Reduce stress and boost energy 

In other words, MindInsole can be helpful for anybody who needs to be on their feet for long periods. The technology behind MindInsole means that your feet will stay cool and comfortable even if you’re running long distances.

What Do You Get When You Order MindInsole?

MindInsole is a simple product. As you might expect for a product that’s designed to fit inside your shoes, MindInsole is sold in pairs. When you order them, you’ll get one pair (or more, if you decide to order in bulk) of MindInsole. It’s a one-size-fits-all product, so you’ll need to trim them to fit your shoes.

Most people are likely to require more than one pair of MindInsoles. That’s because the shape of a stiletto heel is very different from the shape of an athletic shoe or a loafer. Once the insole is cut, it may not fit into every pair of shoes you own.


Order MindInsole today at a massive discount while you still can!

Quick Breakdown Of Benefits MindInsole Provides

  • ​MindInsole can be used in any shoe, including athletic shoes, high heels, and everything in between
  •  MindInsole is a one-size-fits-all product with a shaping guide that you can use to cut the sole to fit any shoes you own
  •  MindInsole fits ladies ‘ shoe sizes 6 to 12 and men’s shoe sizes 7 to 12.
  •  Unlike some other insoles, MindInsole is fully removeable and can be washed with dish soap and water so you can get the maximum use from your insoles
  •  The technology behind MindInsole means that it’s more than just a cushion for your feet – it provides healing pressure and massage

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying:

Priya S.

Unlike other products, MindInsole insoles don't hurt. It feels like a foot massage with every step! I use them on hikes and they seriously reduce the impact on my feet, specifically my arches.

Gordon H.

I travel every chance I get, and now MindInsole insoles is on the top of my packing list for every single adventure. These allow me to walk the streets of new cities for hours and hours without feeling tired and sore.

Jane J.

I love love love my MindInsole insoles and wear them everyday in all my shoes. They even work for my high heeled boots which is a life saver when walking around all day in them.


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